Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Review: Suspicion by Joseph Finder

Joseph Finder decides it's time to give his fans a fast paced, thriller after waiting patiently for quite some time. Sure we understand that Paranoia had to be released on film only because that book is awesome, it's still no excuse to keep us on pins and needles for so long. I am only happy that I was able to get my hand on a copy of his latest Suspicion and did not have to forfeit too much sleep since I was practically done with it in only a few hours. Yes!!! It reads that fast with barely a moment to slow down.

Dan Goodman is struggling to maintain normalcy for his daughter Abby after recently losing her mother to cancer but he's barely making ends meet. With his advance from his publisher's almost gone, and a final notice from the insanely priced private school threatens to throw Abby out of their school, Dan is looking for a way out. With few friends with money to spare, or even a backup plan Dan accepts an offer he probably should have refused.

Enter Thomas Galvin. Galvin is the father of Abby's best friend. He invites Dan to their home (mansion erally) in an effort to get to know him since their daughters spend so much time together. He's aware that Dan is not one of the elite and may be struggling financially. He offers to pay Abby's tuition and basically forward Dan money to get back on his feet. He convinces him the money is really nothing and it will keep his daughter happy to have her friend still in school with her. 

Then enter trouble. 

My initial thoughts on Suspicion were that finally Finder is back!!!! Pages flipped past, the intensity keep building, and soon I was more than 60% done with the book. That's when I realized I really don't like Dan at all. I thought most of his actions were based off of pure stupidity. Sure, I understand that the decisions he made were based off of dire circumstances, I just didn't want him to be so pliable and flimsy... or gullible.

Overall, thank you Mr. Finder for once again writing a book worth reading. No I wasn't too thrilled with the main character but Suspicion was intense, captivating, and an overall fun read. There are plenty of red herrings to keep readers guessing until the end. But FYI, don't keep us, your fans, waiting too long for the next one.  ***

Copy provided by Penguin Group via Netgalley

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