Thursday, June 16, 2016

Review: Redemption Road by John Hart

Redemption Road by John Hart

What's so bizarre about small towns are there are no secrets... yet in every novel that has anything to do with small towns, there is some sort of bizarre secret that absolutely no one knew about. Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! This is where I say Whoa! 

Redemption Road by John Hart follows three characters closely and their travels on this figurative road to redemption. Elizabeth Black, Adrian Wall, and Gideon Strange. Liz is struggling to find her place in life as well as the police force as she's being investigated for possibly murdering a couple kidnappers after finding their hideout. Instead of being considered a hero, she is being crucified for possibly using excessive deadly force. 

Adrian Wall is finally free after spending 10 years in jail for murder. He is a disgraced officer who was tried and convicted of first degree murder. His road begins once he takes his first few minutes of freedom. 

Our last character who is very integral to the story, yet takes a backseat to the other's, is thirteen year old Gideon Strange.Redemption Road begins with this young man trying to avenge his mother's murder. Enticing to say the least. 

John Hart provides Characters who are multi-faceted. A fellow Goodreads friend described this novel as a little "wordy". I agree. But, that's why I loved this mystery thriller. I love when an author is able to create characters with depth in an mystery thriller and still keep their foot on the gas the whole read through. 

We share much of the road to redemption with Liz. She's our fearless heroine that doesn't laughs in the face of a murder indictment. Raised by an overzealous reverend and hellbent on proving herself to the male-driven force, gives her story the most twists and turns. I swear, there seemed to always be something going on with her and all of it very interesting. Peeling the layers to her story kept me heavily invested in this journey.

My gripe with Redemption Road is that I'm not sure all the secrets plaguing this town could have possibly stayed secret. And a couple of the antagonists are very cliche. I won't say who... but I think I saw them coming a mile away. Anyway...

Redemption Road is a worthwhile read and has further strengthened my being a fan of John Hart's work. I've read The Last Child and thought it was a great crime thriller. This latest work is just as engrossing. I urge everyone who love descriptive, well written mystery thrillers to pick this one up. ****

Copy provided by St Martin's Press via Netgalley

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