Friday, July 29, 2016

Review: Doctor Sleep by Stephen King

Doctor Sleep is the second book I read entirely on the crapper. That in no way is reflection on this follow up to the Stephen King's classic The Shining. It's simply where I read my actual paperbacks. I don't have to worry about them getting wet there and the crapper is where many of us get in our best, uninterrupted moments of silence. 

Because I read this book over the last few months in 10-15 minute spurts I will keep this review just as brief. It's no secret that everyone wanted to know what happened to the kid with the "shining". How did Dan Torrence turn out after surviving his father's murderous rampage through the Overlook Hotel that winter. Well... King answered that question and to no one's surprise, he turned out to be a drunk... like his father. But that's not where his story ends. Thankfully.

Doctor Sleep introduces us to a young girl who's shining is even more powerful than Dan's. Abra Stone is the true hero in this story as she and Dan faceup against Rose the Hat, and her legion called the True Knot. These villains are worse than Jack Torrence as they travel the world in hopes of finding children who possess this shining. Rose happens upon Abra and figures she is the one who can supply them with enough steam to last a couple more lifetimes.

Anyway, in the interest of keeping this review brief because I'm sure there are plenty of other reviews out there that totally dissect every page, word, or inference, I will get to my highlights. Plus, if you're like me, you probably just spent enough time reading this and would love to just read something not so long winded or... wordy. 

I really liked Doctor Sleep. Abra and Dan's relationship was the highlight of this story for me I thought finding out what happened to Danny Torrence was enough but now I'm even more interested in what happens to Abra Stone. Stephen King does not disappoint with this sequel to one (if not the) of his most famous works. I look forward to reading my next crapper book which I think just might be Mr Mercedes. ****

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