Monday, December 5, 2016

Review: Man on the Run by Carl Weber

Man on the Run by Carl Weber

What a wild roller coaster ride! This novel is drama from first to last page. I appreciate an occasional drama ridden read that reminds that I should be grateful for the lack of drama in my life. So why the 2-star rating? More on that later.

Man on the Run by Carl Weber tells the story of four lifelong friends, Wil, Allen, Kyle, and Jay. Jay is on the run after escaping from prison where he served more than 10 years for a crime he says he didn't commit. He enlists the help of his friends to help him confront his accuser. Instead, more and more drama ensues and readers are left speechless.

Without giving too much away because that it totally not my thing, but this novel is just... too much. For some that is great and good, but for me, I was just exhausted after awhile. I knew that I would be in for a ride when I requested Man on the Run from Netgalley, but I am familiar with the author's name and I was sure his writing would be on another level. Sure, there would be some crazy, predictable drama, but I wanted more.

If I based all my reviews and ratings based purely on entertainment, Man on the Run would be a "5". Instead, I want more from my novels. I want strong character development, descriptive emotions, not simply Love and Hip-Hop snippets. This novel is written similarly to an hour long episode... no joke. 

Sorry Mr Carl Weber, Man on the Run was not my cup o' tea. Although I did relish in the drama and mystery while looking forward to the twists and turns abound, I was not happy with the lack of character development. I wanted to read a novel with people I cared about but instead... everyone here was kinda low-down. Makes me wonder which one of my friends put that knife in my back I can't seem to get out.

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