Monday, April 15, 2013

Review of Coldwater by Diana Gould

Coldwater by Diana Gould is a first person narrative crime/suspense novel starring Brett Tanager. Brett was once a successful  writer for a hit television detective show before her world unravels by her abuse of drugs and alcohol. One tragic night causes her to lose her job, family, and her money so when her ex-stepdaughter approaches her to help her find a friend who's gone missing, Brett jumps at the opportunity at redemption all while battling through her own demons.

Julia, Brett's stepdaughter goes missing shortly after her friend's found murdered. This catapults the story into a dark world of sex with teenage girls for money and bigwig executive types who all have something to hide. Julia's disappearance has Brett looking in the very shady actions of the Hollywood elite where sex, lies, and videotape run everything.

Gould keeps the suspense at a high level in this novel in so many ways throughout the book.Brett is constantly in action as she gathers clue after clue that leads in so many directions. Gould also puts Brett in positions that she has to challenge her self to remain sober. Brett is handling a lot of baggage such as her addictions, her huge secret, not being able to trust anyone, yet she perseveres. The reader is able to hope for the best for Brett and really root for her although she does have serious issues and at times does not want to take responsibility.

I don't have anything negative to say about this novel except that maybe some of the characters seemed to be a little cliche. The drug dealers were the same type of person. The disgraced, alcholic ex-cop turned private eye. The mysterious guy who may or may not be a love interest. Bullish executive heads. And the pompous, arrogant teen. These characters all appear in the novel for better or worse.

Finally, I found Gould's debut novel Coldwater a good read. I think fans of Karin Slaughter, Heather Graham, and Tess Gerritsen may want to give this writer a try. For this to be a debut novel, the writing is impressive and the story pace is on par with other crime suspense authors. I really enjoyed reading this novel and hope that Gould graces us with more. ***

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