Friday, April 19, 2013

Review of The Sins of the Father by Jeffrey Archer

Disclaimer: This book was won through a Goodreads giveaway!
2nd Disclaimer: If you're looking for a completely unbiased review this is not the place for you!

I have finally completed The Sins of The Father by Jeffrey Archer, the second installment to his Clifton Chronicles. This novel picks up exactly where Only Time Will Tell leaves off with the arrest of Harry Clifton after he assumes the name of Tom Bradshaw. Bradshaw is being accused of murdering his brother and is taken into custody with no reprieve.  Before long Harry finds his self in jail after being convinced by his high power attorney that it's in his best interest to take a plea of giulty for desertion so that the state will drop the charges of murder. From then on, the story of Harry moves at warp speed.

The Sins of the Father also follows the progression of Emma Barrington, Harry's only love, and his mother Maisie. The novel shares the point of view of four five focal characters that are integral to the story's progression. Archer recounts the happenings of Hugo Barrington, Emma Barrington, Maisie Clifton, Giles Barrington, and Harry Clifton over the years during War World II.  Each character is unforgettable and that is what's most enticing about these novels. I have to know what happens to them. It's not an option not to.

Although Archer's writing can be pretty simplistic and his themes, love, greed, family, are pretty formulaic, I can't help but being a huge fan of his since reading Kane & Abel. There's nothing complicated about Archer's writing but I don't feel it has to be in order to get it's point across. There're few writers I've read that I can open their books that morning and be done with it by the evening. His characters are always interesting, the situations always seem impossible, and his cliff-hangers leave resolution to be desired. I can't wait to read the final installment in this series The Best Kept Secret. It looks to be just as fun as the last two were. ****


  1. Glad to be first again! The sequel to the EPIC, as i call it, ONLY TIME WILL TELL, is a epic in itself! The typical of archer's page turner, masterful story telling and you wouldn't want it to end! by the end of the book, you would expect tomorrow to be MARCH 3,2013!
    The Sins of the father continues with the most sought after protagonist, HARRY CLIFTON - when the book tops bestsellers list in a matter of hours, well he is the most sought after protagonist! And enter new characters, whom will make you laugh, whom will make your heart ache!
    And seriously you can't, when you have reached the last page of this book, guess what could or would happen next!
    To sum it up! Worth every penny.

    1. I completely agree with your comment Rahul. Archer is by far one of my favorite authors because of his characters and that you can't guess what's going to happen in the end.